Raydz & FASS

BD | RaydzTwitch#0001

yoyoyo another public saber from me no way

thank you fass for giving me the motivation to make another public saber

it's kind of a cool saber you should swing it in game

also before all you little udon's come at me and criticize us for making the saber "too close" to one of udon's sabers for that one little effect, i showed renschi (creator of udon's sablors btw) and he vouched that it didn't look similar at all B)


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Renschi 2022-01-11 07:23

Nice Saber. I love the way it looks :D

Imᛒotsツ 2022-01-12 19:26

SHEEEEEEESH these sabers are epic damn these are my new daily drivers